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Plumbing - HVAC - Pipe Fab - Electrical

selling the former assets of
Thomas Companies, Inc.
aka Thomas Plumbing & Heating
by order of Secured Party.
2262 Grand (Route 150)
Galesburg, Illinois
Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Starting promptly at 9:00 a.m..

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Plumbing - HVAC - Pipe Fab - Electrical

Construction Equipment

Sheetmetal / Welding

Office Equipment

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1175 auction lots
agl_laser.jpg (124788 bytes) alumpipewrench.jpg (124875 bytes) gradelight.jpg (123539 bytes)
AGL Max2 pipelaser Ridgid aluminum pipe wrenches AGL Gradelight 2000 laser
grundomat.jpg (120588 bytes) drainrooters.jpg (123470 bytes) electriceel.jpg (115427 bytes)
Grundomat  model P underground boring tool Assorted drain rooters. Electric Eel pipeline video camera
greasetrap.jpg (37297 bytes) supplies1.jpg (58360 bytes) beammachine.jpg (46716 bytes)
Rockford 40GPM grease trap assorted valve inventory AGL Beam Machine Laser
taylor_g8.jpg (51501 bytes) victaulic1.jpg (47287 bytes) Tyler2.jpg (52868 bytes)
Tyler GB roll groover (2) Victaulic VE272FS groovers Tyler RO-21roll groover
ridgid535.jpg (57567 bytes) ridgid300s.jpg (76423 bytes) t-drill.jpg (124114 bytes)
Ridgid 535 threader - it looks better in this picture than it is. assorted Ridgid 300 power heads T-Drill and bits
VictaulicVE226.jpg (114906 bytes) beveller.jpg (137426 bytes) thredomatic.jpg (51565 bytes)
Victaulic VE226 groover plastic pipe beveller Collins #44 Thred-o-Matic
backflow.jpg (123609 bytes)  backflow2.jpg (124559 bytes)  mason.jpg (130366 bytes)
Backflow regulator parts Backflow testers  Mason hangers
adhesivepump.jpg (47140 bytes) boiler.jpg (52939 bytes) goodway.jpg (54602 bytes)
adhesive transfer pump propane boiler Goodway tube scrubber
dowfrost1.jpg (134323 bytes) recovery1.jpg (126687 bytes) filters.jpg (43195 bytes)
barrels of DowFrost Recovery unit large lot of filters
duct1.jpg (130743 bytes) duct2.jpg (122651 bytes) duct3.jpg (131247 bytes)
duct piping and fittings duct piping and fittings duct piping and insulation
emt.jpg (103264 bytes) parts.jpg (125298 bytes) trane.jpg (142281 bytes)
electrical conduit assorted HVAC controls Trane condenser unit
freon1.jpg (131004 bytes) freon2.jpg (136864 bytes) mcgill1.jpg (122948 bytes)
partial view of refrigerants partial view of refrigerants United McGill duct leak tester
mcgill.jpg (45776 bytes)  positioner.jpg (46409 bytes)  pipestands1.jpg (52830 bytes)
United McGill duct leakage tester welding positioner pipe stands

Plumbing and Pipe Fab: AGL Beam Machine laser; AGL Gradelight 2000 laser; AGL Max2 Pipelaser; Multi-Grade pipelaser; Miller recovery lift; (6) Spartan and Ridgid rooters; Electric Eel video pipe inspector; Goldar/Udsec 4400 sonic locator; assorted PVC pipe and fittings to 12; assorted cast pipe and fittings to 12; storm grates; (3) used grease traps; Rockford G2820 grease trap, new; 300 polyethylene pipe; and Tracpipe; (44) new Mason DNHSA-510 hangers; Test plugs in all sizes; (4) backflow testers; Febco and Watts backflow preventer parts; lots of plumbing supplies; Ridgid model 141 and 161 pipe dies; assorted Ridgid ratchet die sets; Ridgid 535 threader, sn. 326377; (7) Ridgid 300 power units; Collins #44 Thred-O-Matic; appr. 60 Ridgid pipe wrenches to 48; Toledo Powerdrive; Victaulic VE226 portable  groover; (2) Victaulic VE272FS roll groovers; Berkley E-Z-Roll portable groover; Victaulic HCT-904 hole cutter; Tyler CG-1000 roll groover; assorted Victaulic supplies; (2) T-Drills; (2) drill presses; Max 40, Max 100 cutters; (9) cylinder carts; (18) assorted welders; (10) coffing hoists; lots of pipe, I-beams, for scrap; many other items. 

HVAC Equipment: ClimateMaster Ultra-Classic geo-thermal unit; HB Smith PG200 110,000 BTU propane boiler, used; (70) assorted freon cans; refrigeration oil; assorted service and repair parts inventory: v-belts, assorted hvac controls and replacement motors, Carrier, Sporlan, Honeywell service parts; Goodway Ram-4 tube cleaner; BW multi-gas detector; Thermal Hermeti-check and Vak-Check; Universal pyrometer; Nitrite test kit; Contaminator detector kit; Bacharach Combustion test kit; Fyrite Combustion Analyzer kit; (3) vacuum pumps; acid pump; (4) electronic charging scales; TIF refrigerant leak detector; Mars H-10 refrigerant leak detector; many other refrigeration and boiler test devices; whips, line sets; (2) United McGill duct leak testers;  

Electrical: (7) DayBrite model 25M232-FS21-120 120v troffers;  (10) DayBrite model 2DPG232-FS12-277  277v troffers; assorted supplies; EMT, rigid in assorted sizes to 3 inch; much more.

Terms of Sale: Cash payment in full day of sale, in the form of U.S. currency, or guaranteed funds in the form of cashier's checks or certified checks, or by wire transfer to Auctioneer's escrow account. Personal or company checks must be accompanied by bank letter guaranteeing payment if you are unknown to us. We do not accept credit cards or debit cards at this time. We no longer accept "convenience" checks drawn on credit cards since our bank will not process them.  All items are sold "as is" and "in place" and "with all faults". No property is to be removed until paid for in full. Please settle with the cashier within 15 minutes after the close of the sale. The Auctioneer reserves the right to add to, split, bunch up, or delete lots during the course of the auction sale. Sales tax will be charged where applicable. Leased items, if any, are sold subject to Lessor's approval.  

A 10% Buyer Fee will be added to all purchases.

Absentee Bids: If you are unable to attend the auction sale, we can bid for you. You must submit a blank check accompanied by a bank letter guaranteeing payment to Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc. in the amount of your maximum bid plus the Buyer's Fee, if applicable. We will bid for you as if you are actually present.
Inspection: Inspection from 8 AM on sale day. Although every effort has been made to publish reliable information regarding the property to be sold, Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc. makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. For this reason the buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to inspect the property to be sold prior to the auction sale. Any announcements made day of sale shall take precedence over prior advertising or printed matter.
Removal of Purchases: All purchases must be removed from the premises before 5pm October 28, 2002. All purchases become the Buyer's responsibility at the time of sale, and the Seller and the Auctioneer assume no responsibility or liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property before, during, or after the auction sale. Movers and riggers must provide a valid certificate of insurance prior to dismantling any equipment

Fax: (309) 674-8940
email:  cottenauctions@aol.com

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