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Bradford Industries, Inc.
200 Naeoma Street

Bradford, Illinois

Tuesday, February 3, at 9:30 a

Real Estate Auction at 9:30am  -  Equipment Auction starts at 10:00am

Door open 10 to 3 on Feb. 2 and at 8am on auction day for equipment previewing.

No removal of purchases will be permitted while auction is in progress.

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Real Estate consisting of 52,000+- square foot building on 10.7 acres +-; zoned I-2 Industrial

Boundary of property is noted by the red outline on the satellite photo. 10.7acres, more or less

View of front of building. Approximately 52,000 s.f. under roof.

old aerial photo of Bradford Industries

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Real Estate Auction at 9:30am.  Equipment auction begins at 10:00am

Also, we will offer the contents of the offices - which include all drawings, sales files, catalogs, component and production information, patent(s), desks, filing cabinets, etc. as one lot

Pacific 300ton hydraulic brake with Automec backgauge and Triad light curtain

Automec control

backgauge on Pacific press brake

Chicago D&K brake

Verson brake

assorted universal brake dies

assorted universal brake dies

Wysong shear

Wysong shear

Bridgeport vertical mill equipped with Lyman MK-4 feed

Burgmaster 8-spindle turret drill-borer-tapper

Cincinnati 18x54 engine lathe

South Bend toolroom lathe

Warner Swasey #5 turret lathe with bar feed

Warner Swasey S-4040 turret punch

assorted tooling with cabinets

Kaltenbach KKS400 cold saw

Lown plate roll

DoAll grinder

Delta bandsaw

Williams White 12" bar shear

Bliss #21 stamping press

Whiting stamping press

Havir #76 punch press

Rouselle double crank punch press

Havir 5-ton punch

Havir 5-ton punch

assorted Danly punch/die sets

assorted Danly punch/die sets

air compressor

Ayer articulated drill

Ikeda radial drill

Moline 5-station inline drill

Delta 3-station production drill with tapping head

Allen 2-station production drill

Delta floor model drill press

Natco multi-spindle drills

Darex sharpener

Linde tracer torch

Intertherm plasma cutter

assorted welders with MIG feeders

seam welder

grain cart fixture for 550 to 895 bushel grain carts

granite surface plate

Clark rough-terrain forklift

Clark rough-terrain forklift, alternate view

4,500lb cap LP fork

Clark 9,000lb fork


Allis Chalmers 180 wide front tractor

PTO mower

loader attachment

portable LP heater

jib crane and hoist

paint booth

assorted parts and totes

wagon frame parts

scrap hopper

sandblast booth

sandblast unit

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

assorted steel and equipment for scrap

storage van trailer

Coats 40-40a tire changer

assorted ag flotation tires

assorted rims

1987 IH tandem model COF-9670 road tractor

IM hydraulic truck-mount hoist

1981 Ravens aluminum flatbed trailer

flatbed trailer

grain auger parts

gravity flow grain box and welding positioners

unfinished gravity flow boxes

unfinished gravity flow boxes

unfinished gravity flow boxes

wagon components

wagon components

wagon components

gravity flow grain box

wagon gear

REAL ESTATE: 52,000 sf manufacturing facility on 10.7 acres +- offered at 9:30am… machinery auction starts at 10am. METAL FABRICATING: Pacific hydraulic press brake, 5/16”x14’, equipped with Automec G24 CNC backgauge; Chicago D&K 10’ press brake, 60/90Ton; Verson T9-10 mechanical press brake, 12’; Kaltenbach KKS-400 cold saw; Wysong 1225 1/4x12’ shear; Wysong 1/4”x10’ shear; Willams White #12 12” bar shear; Linde tracer torch; assorted MIG welders; Miller MIG seam welder; Lowen 6”x14ga roll former; asst. welding positioners; Thermal Dynamics plasma torch; MACHINING: Cincinnati “18” hydrashift engine lathe, 18”x54”; Bridgeport vertical mill; DoAll 6”x18” horizontal tool grinder; Southbend 5”x30” toolroom lathe; Warner Swasey #5 turret lathe; Ikeda radial drill; Delta 14” vertical bandsaw; Walker-Turner floor model drill press; 5-spindle production drill; 3-spindle production drill; Natco drills; Chas Allen 2-spindle drill; Ayer articulated drill; Burgmaster 8-head turret drill/borer/tapper, model Fcon-1110-30; STAMPING: Warner Swasey S-4040 turret punch; Bliss #21-S stamping press; GW Whiting 20ton punch press; Rousselle double crank 100ton stamping press; Consolidated #78 stamping press; Havir OBI punch press; approximately 100 Danly punch/die sets;  PAINT BOOTH: 24’x24’ downdraft paint booth; airless guns, racks, and accessories;  INVENTORY: (9) unfinished gravity wagon boxes; assorted running gear components and parts; gravity box positioner/assembly fixtures; assorted steel stock and steel for scrap; lots of totes; AGRICULTURAL TIRES: (22) unused 23.1-26 10ply flotation tires on 10-lug rims; (2) 30.5L-32; (2) 24.5-32; (2) 31.5-26; Coats 40-40A changer; VEHICLES: 1987 IH Emeryville tandem tractor; 1981 Ravens aluminum 40’ flatbed; 1978 Transcraft flatbed; (3) dropdeck semi-trailers; IM 7255 truck-mount boom hoist; 1973 Strick storage van trailer; FORK LIFTS: Clark LP fork, 4475lb cap; Clark LP fork, 8,000lb cap; Clark rough terrain forklift; TRACTOR/MOWER/LOADER: Allis Chalmers 180 tractor with loader and rear mower;  MISC: 3’x6’x10 black granite plate; several weld-assembly fixtures for gravity boxes; numerous assorted electric and air hoists; jig fixtures; etc; many other items.  A 10% Buyer Fee will be added to on-site purchases — 15% Buyer Fee added to online purchases through Bidspotter.com

By registering to bid at this auction, you will be agreeing to the following Terms of Sale. Please read the terms because the terms may vary according to the auction: Cash payment in full day of sale, in the form of U.S. currency, or guaranteed funds in the form of cashier's checks or certified checks, or by wire transfer to Auctioneer's escrow account. Personal or company checks must be accompanied by bank letter guaranteeing unqualified payment to Cotten Auctions if you are unknown to us. Your bank letter should be similar to the following form: "Mr./Ms. (Customer Name) is a customer of this bank. This bank will guarantee unqualified payment to Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc. on the account listed herein up to the amount of $_________. This letter is valid until (date)."

Bidders paying in currency in amount of $10,000 or greater will be required to complete IRS Form 8300.

We often are asked how a bidder should bring cashier's checks when the bidder does not know how much he/she will be spending. If you bring cashier's checks made payable to yourself in various increments, you can endorse them over to us and we will refund any overpayment.

We do not accept credit cards or debit cards. We no longer accept "convenience" checks drawn on credit cards since our bank will not process them. 

This auction will have Internet bidding on some items in this auction through Bidspotter.com  You may qualify to bid online by submitting a proper letter from a reliable financial institution guaranteeing payment as outlined above no later than 24 hours before the auction commences. We cannot approve bidders on the day of the auction. Full payment must be paid by wire transfer before 5pm on the day following the auction. Contact us for specific wire instructions.

A 10% Buyer Fee will be added to all purchases on site.  A 15% Buyer Fee will be added to all purchases made through Internet bidding.

All items are sold "as is" and "in place" and "with all faults known and unknown". No property is to be removed until paid for in full. Please settle with the cashier within 15 minutes after the close of the auction. The Auctioneer and Owner or their designee reserve the right to add to, split, bunch up, withdraw or delete lots, or bid on Owner's or lien holder's behalf during the course of the auction sale. Sales tax will be charged where applicable. Leased items, if any, are sold subject to Lessor's approval. More detailed terms may be listed in auction day catalog and on the back of your bidder registration card or posted on-site for your review. 

Absentee Bids: If you are unable to attend the auction sale, we can bid for you. You must submit a blank check accompanied by a bank letter guaranteeing payment to Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc. in the amount of your maximum bid plus the Buyer's Fee, if applicable. We will bid for you as if you are actually present, however, we assume no liability to bidders for missed lots where bids are not presented.
Inspection and Preview: Inspection from 10am to 3pm Monday, February 2, and from 8:00 AM on auction day. Although every effort has been made to publish reliable information regarding the property to be sold, Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc. makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. The description, measurements, model and serial numbers, age, quantities, weights, condition, odometer and hour meter readings as outlined in the brochures and catalogs and invoices are believed to be accurate, but are for merely for the Auctioneer's identification of the respective items and not a warranty that such information is correct. For this reason the buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to inspect the property to be sold prior to the auction sale. Any announcements made day of sale shall take precedence over prior advertising or printed matter.
Removal of Purchases: All purchases must be removed from the premises before 5pm Tuesday, February 10, 2009. All items are sold "in place" with removal at purchaser's risk and expense. All purchases become the Buyer's responsibility at the time of sale, and the Seller and the Auctioneer assume no responsibility or liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property before, during, or after the auction sale. Protect your purchases once the auctioneer says "sold". The bidder agrees to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify Auctioneer for any personal injury or property claims resulting from attendance. This provision shall include unregistered persons attending with bidder. Movers and riggers must provide a valid certificate of insurance prior to dismantling any equipment

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Fax: (309) 674-8940
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