Fax: (309) 674-8940
email:  cottenauctions@aol.com

General Publishing & Binding, Inc.
11638 County Hwy S-33
Iowa Falls, Iowa
Saturday, April 5, 2003

Starting promptly at 10:00 a.m..

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AM1.jpg (135974 bytes) AM2.jpg (126182 bytes) AM3.jpg (131865 bytes)
AM 1100CD press, sn 419715 AM 1100CD press, sn 41975 AM 1100CD press, sn 419716
toko1.jpg (120893 bytes) eskofot.jpg (128967 bytes) cutter1.jpg (131240 bytes)
Toko 4700CD 2-color press Eskofot 1330A platemaker Challenge MC305 cutter
toko3.jpg (58487 bytes) drill1.jpg (42933 bytes) drill3.jpg (43215 bytes)
Toko 1-color offset press Challenge 3-hole drill Challenge JF drill / round corner
sickinger1.jpg (128962 bytes) sickinger2.jpg (127243 bytes) sickinger3.jpg (131902 bytes)
Sickinger F-42 autopunch Sickinger F-42A autopunch Sickinger F-42 autopunch
collator1.jpg (135226 bytes) collator2.jpg (139107 bytes) gbc1.jpg (139860 bytes)
Standard Bourg 30-bin collator Standard Bourg 30-bin collator GBC electric binding punch
gbc2.jpg (137292 bytes) gbc3.jpg (131228 bytes) gbc4.jpg (134967 bytes)
GBC electric binding punch assorted comb binding inserters comb binding cutter
gbc5.jpg (139295 bytes) GBC6.jpg (140142 bytes) joggers.jpg (128645 bytes)
GBC comb bindings more GBC comb bindings Lektrojog joggers
laminator1.jpg (136722 bytes) laminator2.jpg (44663 bytes) scales.jpg (133778 bytes)
GBC Vulcan 38 38" laminator GBC 250-LM 30" laminator Toledo and Chattillon scales
strapper1.jpg (137718 bytes) strapper2.jpg (136262 bytes) clamco.jpg (134123 bytes)
Signode strapping machine Weld-Loc strapping machine Clamco film wrapper
apple1.jpg (129250 bytes) apple2.jpg (135594 bytes) apple3.jpg (137871 bytes)
I-Mac computers I-Mac computers assorted Mac computers
apple4.jpg (134855 bytes) apple5.jpg (138068 bytes) apple6.jpg (124894 bytes)
assorted printers Apple laser printers Apple Laserwriter Pro
apple7.jpg (145460 bytes) dryline.jpg (129127 bytes) eMitsubishi.jpg (131697 bytes)
Mac Classic computers Dryline adhesive Mitsubishi silver master platemaker
cartons.jpg (44112 bytes) carts1.jpg (40849 bytes) distiller.jpg (52286 bytes)
shipping cartons shop carts Aqua-Still distiller
cookbooks.jpg (38277 bytes) padder.jpg (133319 bytes) punch.jpg (126203 bytes)
partial view of cookbook inventory antique padding press JBI pinbar punch
paper1.jpg (50840 bytes) paper2.jpg (29245 bytes) paper3.jpg (56837 bytes)
65,000 sheets  8.5x14 24lb 75,000 sheets 8.5x14 moistrite matte 60lb assorted papers
cutter3.jpg (132293 bytes) lighttables.jpg (49992 bytes) folder.jpg (137588 bytes)
spare motor for Challenge cutter light tables  AB Dick 57 folder
software2.jpg (53309 bytes) software3.jpg (46800 bytes) toko2.jpg (62511 bytes)
Mac software Mac software View of T-51 head on Toko 4700CD
eskofotsupplies.jpg (38474 bytes) filecabinets.jpg (129703 bytes) toko4.jpg (130872 bytes)
Eskofot supplies filing cabinets (2) Toko 1800's for parts

Offset Presses: Toko 4700CD 2-color 13x19 press with T-51 and Kompac dampening, sn. 97935; Toko 1800A 12x18 1-color press, sn. 93279; (2) AM Multigraphics 1100CD 1-color presses wth Kompacs and plate mounters, sn. 419715 and 419716; (2) Toko 1800A 12x18 presses for parts. 

Bindery:  Challenge model 305 30-1/2 Champion series paper cutter, 1989 model , sn. 12360, digital readout, wings, and (4) extra knives; spare new electric motor for Challenge cutter; Challenge model EH-3A three-hole paper drill, sn. 65123; Challenge model JF paper drill with round corner attachment, sn. 945595; (3) Sickinger (Pffafle) type 42A comb binding autopunch machines, sn. 693 and 825 and n/a; spare dies and feeders for Sickingers; (2) GBC electric comb binding punches; (10) assorted comb binding inserters; Signode model MSB-2 automatic power strapping machine, sn. 73490; Weld-Loc SP505 automatic strapping machine, sn. 28679; (2) LectroJog joggers; GBC therma-bind; (2) Standard Bourg model A-30 30-bin horizontal collators with reverse counters and receding stackers, sn. 521-000568 and 521.0095; GBC Vulcan 38 38"laminator; GBC 250-LM 30 laminator; AB Dick model 57 folder; Clamco film wrapper;

Pre-Press: Eskofot 1330A electrostatic platemaker; Mitsubishi CP-50SII silver master platemaker, used little; (3) 18x24 light tables; large quantity of Dryline adhesive; other items.

Miscellaneous: Toledo 100lb dial scale; Chatillon 100lb. dial scale; (200) new white see-thru D-ring binders for 8.5x7 sheets; (20) assorted fatigue mats; Aqua-Still M-6D distiller; (75,000) 8.5x14 60lb moistrite matte; (65,000) 8.5x14 24lb white; other papers; shipping cartons; (50) cartons of assorted cookbooks; (11) filing cabinets; over 100,000 GBC 19-ring plastic binding combs; pinbar master punch; shelving; (30) 3x6 bindery tables; steel carts; assorted supplies.

Computers:  (4) I-Macs; Mac PowerPC Performa 6200CD; Mac Quadra 650; (2) Mac Quadra 630; Mac IICX, LC-2, and LC; (4) Mac Classics; (2) Apple Laserwriter II; Apple Laserwriter Pro; Apple personal laser; (2) HP deskwriters; Apple One scanner; assorted Mac software; computer desks; misc. peripherals.

Terms of Sale: Cash payment in full day of sale, in the form of U.S. currency, or guaranteed funds in the form of cashier's checks or certified checks, or by wire transfer to Auctioneer's escrow account. Personal or company checks must be accompanied by bank letter guaranteeing payment if you are unknown to us. We do not accept credit cards or debit cards at this time. We no longer accept "convenience" checks drawn on credit cards since our bank will not process them.  All items are sold "as is" and "in place" and "with all faults". No property is to be removed until paid for in full. Please settle with the cashier within 15 minutes after the close of the sale. The Auctioneer reserves the right to add to, split, bunch up, or delete lots during the course of the auction sale. Sales tax will be charged where applicable. Leased items, if any, are sold subject to Lessor's approval.  

A 10% Buyer Fee will be added to all purchases.

Absentee Bids: If you are unable to attend the auction sale, we can bid for you. You must submit a blank check accompanied by a bank letter guaranteeing payment to Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc. in the amount of your maximum bid plus the Buyer's Fee, if applicable. We will bid for you as if you are actually present.
Inspection: Inspection from 8 AM on sale day. Although every effort has been made to publish reliable information regarding the property to be sold, Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc. makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. For this reason the buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to inspect the property to be sold prior to the auction sale. Any announcements made day of sale shall take precedence over prior advertising or printed matter.
Removal of Purchases: All purchases must be removed from the premises before 5pm April 12, 2003. All purchases become the Buyer's responsibility at the time of sale, and the Seller and the Auctioneer assume no responsibility or liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property before, during, or after the auction sale. Movers and riggers must provide a valid certificate of insurance prior to dismantling any equipment

Fax: (309) 674-8940
email:  cottenauctions@aol.com

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Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc.
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Cotten Commercial Auctioneers, Inc.
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